Extraordinary personalized web experiences for content discovery and marketing

TruCentric’s content personalization platform makes it easy for you to promote the best content, products and services you have to offer. The end result? Increased page views, repeat visits and higher conversion rates.

Incredibly Detailed User Profiles

  • Create a high-resolution profile of your users organized for relevant, real-time actions.
  • Analyze each piece of content that users consume in order to understand their unique interests.
  • Track user activity, engagement, social data, sources, devices, geographies and more.
  • Connect users into a single profile across their devices and your properties.

Personalized Communications

  • Deliver personalized marketing messages that increase sales.
  • Easily design offers for products and services that are the best fit for each user.
  • Promote events, contests, subscriptions and merchandise.
  • Encourage sign-ups and registrations.

Personalized Content Discovery

  • Showcase fresh, new, relevant content that will keep your users engaged and coming back.
  • Configure recommendations based on relevance, freshness, popularity, monetization, content type and many other factors.
  • Enable users to customize recommendations based on their preferences.
  • Promote the best content you have to offer across all of your destinations.

Pre-built Personalized User Experiences

  • Easily add personalization features to your site without requiring technical and design staff.
  • Draw from a library of components style-able to your brand.
  • Specify personalized copy, creative, appearance and behavior.
  • Support for web, mobile and tablet devices.

Track and Measure Everything

  • Continuously optimize and improve the impact of personalization.
  • Understand the performance of every personalized experience.
  • Gain unique insights into your users and your content.
  • Test and measure alternative variations in creative, user experience and algorithms.

Get Up and Running Quickly

  • Our software is provided as a service and runs within a web browser.
  • Requires a few lines of JavaScript to be added to your sites.
  • Inserts personalized content directly into your websites.
  • Works with your existing content management system.

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