• Steal a page from the e-commerce playbook.

    Content destinations can apply the same advanced personalization principles used by the world’s top e-commerce destinations.

    Steal a page from the e-commerce  playbook.
  • Increase revenue per user.

    Increase content views. Increase sign-ups and registrations. Increase conversion rates for your products and services.

    Increase revenue per user.
  • Deliver the most relevant experience.

    Feature the best content, recommendations and marketing messages using the individual interests and behavioral signals of your users.

    Deliver the most relevant experience.
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Super-smart personalization software for content marketers and web publishers.

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Individual Users

Capture incredibly detailed insights about your users and their individual interests as they engage with your content. Stitch together a single profile – across any of your online destinations and from any device they use.



Every User Experience

Show your users the most relevant content, products and services that you have to offer. Keep them interested and coming back for more.



Your content

Promote fresh, unread content that your users are most likely to be interested in. Provide quick navigation to content that each user prefers most.




Increase page views. Increase conversion for related products and services. Increase user response rates for targeted sign-ups, registrations and promotions.

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